40% Chardonnay
40% pinot – 20% Meunier

The Tradition is a blend of the 3 champagne grapes.
This champagne is immediately fresh and bold, slightly fruity.
It is ideal for any occasion.
Also available in demi-sec(off-dry)

Carte Noire


50% Pinot
50% Meunier

This Blanc de Noirs (white wine produce with red grapes only) reveals the strength of Pinot Noir and the rondness of Pinot Meunier grapes.
His weel-developped structure with stone fruit aromas is for the wine connoisseur in search of authenticity.
Set aside for sophisticated pre-dinner drinks or during a meal.
A remarkable and unusual champagne

Vieilles Vignes



This Blanc de Blancs comes from old vineyards (aged 70 years) 1er Cru of Trépail on the mountain of Reims (terroir).
It reveals a fine nose, a fresh taste that is both fine and ample.
An elegant Champagne with light aromas of pear, lime-blossom and minerals

Grande Réserve


33% Chardonnay
33% pinot – 33% Meunier

This subtle blend of equal parts of the 3 champagne grapes makes an exceptional Brut Champagne with fruit aromas.
It is powerful and complex with a length anf finesse to the taste.
Also available in half bottle, Magnum and Jeroboam.

Brut Rosé


The Rosé

This Rosé is fresh and subtle with notes of little red fruits.
Ideal as an aperitif, it adds a touch of color to your party.

Cuvée Mélanie


100% vieilles vignes
de Chardonnay de Cormicy

This Blanc de Blancs comes from a selection of old vineyards (aged 40 years) of our Cormicy village.
This Champagne benefits from a particular wine making in oak barrels from 6 to 8 months and then approximately 5 years of aging in our cellars.
The palate is soft, full of finesse and great lengh.
Aromas of candied fruits, honey and brioche (sweat bread).
Champagne ideal for romantic evening or serious tasting with connoisseurs.
Perfect with fine dishes as foie gras too..

Cœur de Pinot